Nombres Manos de Poker

Nombres más populares por los que se conocen las manos de Poker. Seudónimos atribuidos a las distintas combinaciones de cartas que puedes llevar en una mano de Póquer.


Nombres populares de las manos de Poker

Estos son algunos de los nombres mas populares de las manos de Poker, estos se deben a juegos de palabras, conmemoran a algún personaje ilustre, acontecimiento, etc.

Nombre más populares manos de Poker

A-A: Pocket Rockets, Bullets, Bulls, Two Pips o American Airlines.

K-K: Pocket Cowboys, King Kong, Men, Penn and Teller, Elvis Presley o Ace Magnets.

Q-Q: Ladies, Girls with curls, Angels, Wal-Mart Shoppers.

J-J: Fishhooks, Hooks, Kid Dynamite, Johnnies o Jokers.

T-T: Dimes, Rin Tin Tin o Boxcars.

9-9: German Virgin, Wayne Gretzky o Barbara Feldon (la superagente 99 de la célebre serie americana El Superagente 86).

8-8: Snowmen, Octopuses, Doggie Balls, Piano Keys o Frog Eyes.

7-7: Sunset Strip, Walking Sticks o Hockey Sticks.

6-6: Route 66, Pocket Buddies o Clickety Click.

5-5: Speed Limit, Nickels o Presto.

4-4: Magnum, Mid-life Crisis, Sailboats o Eastwoods.

3-3: Crabs o Larry Bird.

2-2: Ducks.

A-K: Big Slick, Santa Barbara. Machine Gun o Anna Kournikova (Looks pretty but never wins).

A-Q: Big Chick, Little Slick, Ms. Slick, Catch of the Day o Walking Back to Houston.

A-J: Ajax, Blackjack, Apple Jacks, Jack Ass o A.J. Foyt.

A-T: Johnny Moss o Corners.

A-8: Dead Man’s hand.

A-3: Baskin-Robbins.

A-2: Michael Jackson.

K-Q suited: Marriage o Royalty.

K-Q offsuit: Mixed Marriage o An Affair.

K-J: Kojak.

K-J offsuit: Bachelor’s Hand.

K-9: The Animal, Fido Canine, Dog o Doggie.

K-8: The NY Heart Attack.

K-3: Commander Crab, King Crab o Seafood hand.

K-2: Steep Climb o Dr. Shakeoff.

Q-J: Maverick o Oedipus.

Q-T: Quint, Q-Tip o Varkony.

Q-7: Computer hand.

Q-5: Granny Mae.

Q-3: Gay Waiter, San Francisco Waiter o San Francisco Busboy (queen with a tray).

Q-3 suited: Posh Gay Waiter.

J-T: Cloutier.

J-7: Jack Daniel’s.

J-5: Motown o Jackson Five.

J-4: Flat tire (what’s a jack for?).

T-7: Negreanu.

T-5: Woolworth o Five and Dime.

T-4: Broderick Crawford, Convoy, Over and Out o Good Buddy.

T-2: Texas Dolly o Doyle Brunson.

9-8: Oldsmobile.

6-9 suited: Prom Night.

6-9 offsuited: Big Lick, Porno, Sukin on two carpets o Dinner for Two.

9-5: Dolly Parton.

9-4: Gold Rush o San Francisco.

9-3: Jack Benny.

9-2: Montana Banana.

8-6: Hiroshima o The Daily Dangler.

7-6: Union Oil o Philadelphia.

7-5: Heinz o Ketchup.

7-4: Double Down.

7-2 offsuited: Hammer, Deadly Teddy Lee, Jamaican Air o Beer Hand.

7-2 suited: Prom Night Teddy Lee.

6-5: Retirement o Jägermeister.

6-3: Blocky.

5-4: Jessie James, Jane Russell, Colt 45 o Moneymaker.

5-2: James and the Giant Peach

3-9: Jack Benny.

3-8: Raquel Welch.

3-2: Michael Jordan.

2-9: Twiggy.